Jewelry that Make a Statement



Every Gem is an unique creation, through the journeys to Gem mines, I have the unique opportunities to collect the beautiful Gems from their origins. Awaiting until the gem finds you, LEYEN shall create jewelry that shows your unique beauty.

GEM L.O.V.E.R The Spirit of LEYEN

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L - The Limitless

Love is limitless as same as passion of oneself on what one does. Every single jewelry piece of LEYEN is created with love and passion from miner to gem cuter to jeweler and yes, from the Gem itself to the Desirer’s first sight.

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O - The Oneness

Just like Day and Night, feminine and masculine, there are inter-being factors to create a gem, create a being and create true love. LEYEN creates jewelry pieces that accompanies you, to remind you: “Love is in the air”

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V - The Vibration

As within so without, when ithe vibration frequency of Carbon change, Carbon become Diamond. LEYEN Gem’s pure energy shall support our energy to find the true beauty hidden within.

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E - The Eternity

Essential chemical elements transformed into Diamond and Gems ,then its energy connects with Man's energy to open the other dimension of life. LEYEN’s gems are well collected from different gem deposits of origins which carry the mystery through millions to billions of year to meet with You!

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R - The Radiance

We always need a Light to see the other Light, same to Diamond, Gems and to Man. Light stands for one's intuition guidance. Inside a gem mine, underground where day is like night, the only Light that guides miners to their Treasure is the Light of Believe. With LEYEN jewelry, we are shining inside out.


Le Yen currently is :
*Chairwoman of HAMANA global gemstone & Jewelry Group. (Family business Since 1992, leading generations in precious gemstone of Vietnam

*Vice-president of Vietnam Gemstone Jewelry & Art Crafts Association VGJA Yen Bai ( 34 years in mission with over 118.000 members)

*Director of Yenbai gems market company (located in the yenbai, a legend city of ruby and spinel from vietnam)

*Vice - Chairman of International Committee of AGJA Asian Gems & Jewelry Association (jeweler’s association in the Asia Pacific region to serve as a center where ideas regarding jewelry production, design, distribution, retail, exportation and importation are exchanged in order to share and improve upon the knowledge and experiences of member countries)

*Ambassador of ICA international colored gemstone Association to Vietnam (New York and other 47 countries)

*General Director of Social & Cultural Phu Da Quy Joint-stock Company